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Shower & Bathroom Tile

Bathrooms are another common area where tile is often used to update or remodel a space. At Trusted Tile & Stone, we provide attractive bathroom renovations for your floors, showers, or tub surrounds.

If you have outdated tile, unappealing flooring, or simply want to create a bathroom that better suits your personal sense of style, we have the custom solutions that you desire. We can assist with all tile elements throughout your bathroom, from the initial design and layout to installation and finishing for maximum durability.

You may already have a particular idea, or may still be looking for the ideal design. We help make sure you get the solutions that are best for you. From recommending specific product types to conceptualizing a relaxing space that suits your aesthetic desires, we are here for you.

Our bathroom tile experts consult with you to determine what tile flooring style, type, and pattern best suits your space, desires, and budget.

Our goal is always to deliver an attractive, functional space that meets the needs of your family. We are ready to discuss how we can best support you as your Colorado Springs bathroom tile experts.

Custom Tile Designers

Trusted Tile & Stone provides more than just expert tile installation services. We also provide professional tile design!

We consider your space, desires, style, and budget to determine how to best use to tile to renovate or update your space. Tiling your bathrooms, kitchens, or floors throughout your home is a big project. You need to be sure the finished project is complementary to the other elements of your home, as well as something you will enjoy living with for a long time.

Our tile design experts help you match and coordinate tiles that fit your space, work well together, and create the finished look that you desire. From selecting complementary floor, shower, and backsplash tiles to building custom murals, or simply installing new tile floors in different spaces throughout your home, we provide dedicated and expert support.

As your Colorado Springs, CO tile installers and designers, we are truly dedicated to delivering a functional, attractive, and durable space that you love living in.

Professional Tile Installation

We assist with all aspects of tile remodeling for your home, and that includes professional tile installation for your floors, walls, or any other space you desire to finish with attractive tile elements.

Our tile experts select the right type of tile, discuss finishing and complementary grout colors, and ensure that tiles are properly floated and secured for a level and durable finish. Some types of tiles and applications require sealing, which we also handle. We understand the unique properties of the many different tile types, and assure that we properly handle each different type that is used throughout your home and design. Our ability to adjust our process to your selected tile and unique home means that you have even more choices for tile selection.

Layout, spacing, adhering, finishing- all of these must be done properly for an attractive tile installation that impresses long-term. As tile installation contractors, our professionals take your project from concept to completion with speed and skill.

Give us a call at 719-422-0422 to learn more or to request a no-obligation estimate

Give us a call at 719-422-0422 to learn more or
to request a no-obligation estimate

What Our Clients Say

Isabella A.

Good prices and good work. Had to do a bit of grout finishing filling in a few small holes left. Friendly staff and knowledgeable.recommend Simon

Chloe F.

Simon installed a shower and two backsplashes for me on two houses i was listing. After firing my previous tile installer he quickly came and put me before his current jobs he had going on.

Great attention to detail and i would definitely hire him again.

Miniha D.

I have loved your Simon company and mission for years and have always been pleased with your products, their quality and their beautiful depth of color and richness! Having these tiles custom made for our recent kitchen project is going to be the thing that really sets it all apart! I can’t wait to see it installed !!! recommended

Saby J.

Simon did a great job on my backsplash, and an even better job on the other side of my breakfast bar! He is professional and pays attention to detail. I’ll be calling him for my next projects!

Manisa M.

Trusted Tile & Stone are a great bunch of tile installers. We called them off of facebook and originally wanted a backsplash. We eventually redid the bathroom with a beautiful custom scribe finished off on the shower walls. In the other room he did a custom L pattern on the floors. He is a true artistic individual.

Amelia A.

Simon is without a doubt one of the best tile installers in town. All the work he did with his team is detailed and I’m not just talking about the tile.

He redid a bathroom for me which was converted to a walk in shower.

Lonny W.

Simon did an outstanding job on tiling my master bathroom. He worked through challenges, communicated effectively and the finished product was beautiful. Simon built a custom shower pan, completed the shower wall tile and laid the bathroom and closet floor tile. All for a fair price and no hassle. Simon is the first person to call here in Colorado Springs and I’ll definitely be hiring him again.

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